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Submit requests for temporary salary adjustments of Administrative Faculty pursuant to UAM 2,516.

Submit requests for ad hoc market equity reviews for Administrative and Academic Faculty.

Submit requests for Administrative Faculty promotions through lines of progression, to existing job descriptions, or by position re-evaluation pursuant to UAM 2,515.

Submit requests for new Administrative Faculty positions or updates (without salary changes) for filled and vacant Administrative Faculty positions such as title changes, revised duties or minimum requirement changes.  Continue to use the Administrative Faculty Job Description Form in your submission.

Submit requests to propose compensation for a candidate through the recruitment process at a salary above Q2 on the salary schedule.

Obtain approval to teach a course on overload. Most often used by 12-month A contract Faculty but may also be used by Classified staff. Current supervisor approval is required. Dean approval in the teaching department will occur when the approval is attached to a Period Activity Pay in Workday.

Request for interest free loans of up to $2,000 for the purchase of personal computer systems, subject to the availability of funds, are available to faculty and classified employees who have worked in a permanent position for the university for one year, and have an FTE of at least half-time.

Adjustment of steps within same pay grade per NAC 284.204 for recruitment problems, hiring a person with superior qualifications and maintaining an equitable relationship between existing employees.

Submit HR-19s (State of Nevada Position Questionnaire) for filled, vacant, or new classified positions to the job evaluation unit.