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Choose this option in a classroom or TLT supported area if something is not working as anticipated or previously experienced. Additional options will be available after requesting this service. Please report Facilities issues (temperature, clock, seating, lighting, etc.) to Facilities by following this link:

This is where academic webinar and video conference help with Classroom Technology support can be requested. We assist with conferencing equipment (in some cases, based on availability and use case), Webinar's (academic, in general), or Zoom conferences, with or without hardware support.

Click this link if you are teaching in a specific room and need to have software installed that is outside of what is normally installed on classroom PC's.

Help! I don't know how to work this room, or EVERYTHING has changed in here since the last time I taught in here and I need to know how to make it go now!

Use this option if you manage or are responsible for a classroom space and would like Classroom Services help adding, updating or improving the technology and/or usability of the space. This can include digital signage, conference rooms or new or existing classroom space. Some requests require Departmental or FMS's and/or budget approval and consultation.

Request for administrative access to the operating system on a computer or device, typically required to install new software or make system-level changes.

Request access to Anaplan.

Request access to Astra.

Any technology help for equipment in the office.

Use this service to request assistance with any of Business and Finance's OnBase applications.

Navigate to request funding for events, operations, and other things for your club.

Request for assistance with hardware-related issues on an existing computer, such as malfunctioning hardware components or system errors.

Request access to Continuity 2000.

Fill out this ticket to get new employees of the CSE or ASUN onto the websites into the nevadabox and more!

CSE/ASUN Email Alias Guide and Request