2. Webinar, Video Conference (Zoom or Skype) Support Request

There are an amazing number of resources and training for Zoom Self-Help Support available as part of the Office of Digital Learning's site. They can be accessed here:

ODL's Zoom Support Pages

Requests for Zoom/Skype conference support are requested 72 hours in advance of the scheduled Webinar or event to take place. While we will do what we can to assist outside of this window, we may or may not be able to assist adequately if the preferred notice is not given due to limitations in staffing, equipment availability and logistics surrounding a large event. Thank you for respecting this!

This is for Zoom or Skype only, SCS hardware supported video conferences should be requested via this link: https://www.scs.nevada.edu/service-desk/request-support/schedule-a-videoconference/

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