1. Report a Technology Problem

This option is available if you are teaching or using a campus space and something is not behaving the way you think it should be, or you are unfamiliar with how to make it function properly. Below are some examples of categories of technology you might be having issues with. Please select which one of these categories you are experiencing issues with. They will be seen when the service is requested.

  • Batteries (laser remote - AA's)
  • Batteries (Microphone, AA or 9V depending on room)
  • Control System (system won't initialize/turn on, is frozen or not accepting commands)
  • General problem (not listed in other areas of this form)
  • PC is not functioning (can't login, not accepting login, won't start or component missing (kb/mouse)
  • Picture (the projector, document camera, or large monitor are not displaying)
  • Room not acceptable (temp too hot/cold, lights out, access, clock not working)
  • Software Install
  • Sound (The sound is too low/high or cannot be heard, microphone missing or needs batteries)

If any of these things are seem to be the problem, please request this service and then select which area help is needed in.

Request Service


Service ID: 27752
Tue 5/22/18 11:54 AM
Wed 7/18/18 2:23 PM