Password Managers

What is a password manager?

A password manager is an account that enables individuals to generate, store, and manage their passwords for multiple websites all in one secure location.

Why do you need a password manager?

Using a password manager not only increases the protection of your passwords, but also handles the difficult task of having to memorize your passwords. Password managers only require you to remember one master password that will be required to view your password library. While UNR does not support a specific password manager, the use of one is strongly recommended.

How does a password manager work?

To use a password manager, you create a password manager account. There are lots of options to choose from. Some are cloud-based, and some are not. You can research and pick a service that works for you. Once you create an account, you then only have to remember one master password (to get into your password manager account). After you are in, the password manager will store all your account user names and passwords, and can even generate new passwords for you if an account has been breached. You don’t have to memorize these passwords, you can either copy and paste them to log into your accounts or use a plugin to have the password manager connect to your frequently used sites.

 Some benefits:

The password managers can create long, complicated passwords for your accounts so that they are not easily guessable by hackers. You don’t have to memorize passwords for multiple sites. You won’t forget a or lose a password – it’ll be accessible to you through your password manager account. 

Get started!

While the University does not have a specific password manager that we recommend, we do think you should use one. Here are a few options with compatibility information included, so you can check them out and see what works best for your needs:


  • Desktop compatibility: MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • Mobile compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Browser extension compatibility: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera 


  • Desktop compatibility: Windows
  • Mobile compatibility: N/A
  • Browser extension compatibility: N/A


  • Desktop compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Mobile compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Browser extension compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Microsoft Edge 


  • Desktop compatibility: MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Mobile compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Browser extensions compatibility: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Vivaldi

Remember: it’s crucial to set a strong Master Password. What makes a password strong? Check out OIT’s Password Strength page to learn how to create a strong, secure Master Password.


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