Information Security

Every day, faculty, staff and students access resources and log into systems that contain secure data. Therefore, it is vitally important to understand how to keep data secure and ensure that your computer is safe from attack or other malicious activity and your login IDs are not compromised.

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Protect Your Computer

Safe Computing, Personal Antivirus, and Firewalls

Information Security Training

Information Security Training is necessary to ensure that every person affiliated with the University has the same understanding of what information security is and how information should be handled in order to Protect the Pack.

Employees have two different types of training available to them, depending on their duties. The Managed Employee Information Security Training article has information regarding mandatory training that may be assigned to employees to meet certain regulations or standards, and currently includes PCI-DSS training to protect payment cards (PCI) and HIPAA-HITECH training to protect personal health information (PHI). The Employee Information Security Training article has information regarding more generalized security training that will provide foundations and building blocks for helping us all to Protect the Pack. Please refer to the articles in this section for further information.

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Identifying Spam and Phishing Attempts

Things to look for when you've received a potential spam message.

PCI Recharge

Information in PCI machine compliance and Frequently Asked Questions