I forgot my NSHE ID. How do I recover it?

These instructions will assist you in recovering your NSHE ID using MyNevada 2.0. Additional instructions for retrieving, and resetting the password for, an NSHE ID, can be found on the MyNevada Help site.

How do I Recover My NSHE ID Number?

  1. Go to https://cs.nevada.unr.edu
  2. On the web page that appears, click on Forgot NSHE-ID?

    CSS Nevada login screen with a red box around the Forgot NSHE-ID? link and a red arrow pointing towards the Forgot NSHE-ID? link.
  3. Enter in the following information, and leave all other fields blank. Once completed, click Submit.
    • First Name
    • Last Name 
    • Date of Birth
    • Last 4 of your Social Security Number (Under User Verification)​​​​
      • Note: If you do not have a Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or Application Number (for applicants only), you can request a temporary access key to verify your credentials. You must call 775-784-MyNV to get this access key.

        Required Information window with the First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth highlighted by red boxes
        User Verification input box showing Last 4 SSN/ITIN selected and highlighted by a red box

  4. If all of the information was entered correctly, you will see your NSHE ID and preferred email in MyNevada. 

    Screenshot of the Forgot Your User ID page on MyNevada 2.0


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