How to Install Software Using the Microsoft Software Center

The Microsoft Software Center is installed on all Windows computers that are managed by the Office of Information Technology. The software center allows OIT Technicians to "send" applications to your computer, so that you can download them at your convenience, and without the need for administrative rights. All of the software available in the software center is campus approved.

You will need to have purchased your desired software, and received an email from the OIT Support Center confirming that the software is available before you can follow these instructions.

Installing Software From the Software Center

In the instructions below, VLC Media Player is used as an example in the screenshots. Making sure that you are clicking on the software that you requested before starting the download.
  1. Click on the Start Menu and look for the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder. From the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder, click on Software Center.

    Windows Menu with red arrow pointing to Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder and a red box highlighting the Software Center program.
  2. When the Software Center opens, go to the Applications tab and select the software you would like to install (we chose Box Sync x64 in this example).

    Software Center window with a red box around the VLC option
  3. From the Application Details screen, click on the Install button.  

    Screenshot of the VLC Application Details page with a red box around the Install button and a red arrow pointing towards the install button.
  4. Once the status of the software changes from Available to Installed, close the software center. 

    Screenshot of the Application Details with a red box around the Status: Available option.
    Screenshot of the Application Details with a red box around the Status: Installed option.
  5. Go back to the Start Menu and verify that the software was installed and launches properly.

    Screenshot of the Windows 10 Start Menu with a red box around the VLC media player option.


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