Software and Online Apps - General Help Request

Before you submit this form, please refer to the Software Index to learn pertinent details about the software program or application you need assistance with, such as user and usage restrictions, licensing details, costs, access procedures, and how to get support.

Click Request Service to submit requests or questions for software products and online applications. 

Is this the correct form for your needs?

  • Many systems at the University are business applications supported by Business Applications Services. This includes TouchNet, WolfDocs, and WolfSign to name a few. Similarly, several software titles have their own unique form(s). Please locate the software program or application on the Software Index to learn which support forms to use.
  • If you are having technical issues with a software product or online application, use the Report an Issue with Software or an Online App form
  • If you would like to request software for a computer lab, use the Computer Lab Software Install Request form.