Access Your Email in Mac Mail

The following instructions will assist you in adding your email address into Apple Mac Mail on MacOS Mojave and newer as long as you are connected to the internet. 

Accessing Your Employee Email in Apple Mac Mail (MacOS Mojave)

  1. Find the Apple Mac Mail icon in the dock on your Mac desktop. Click on the Apple Mac Mail icon.

    Shows the Mac Dock at the bottom of the screen with a red box highlighting the Mac Mail Icon which is a stamp with the picture of an eagle within.
  2. If no email accounts are connected to the program, you will see an option to Choose a Mail account provider. Select Exchange and click Continue. 

    Internet accounts window with a red box highlighting the Exchange option
  3. The Exchange window will now appear. Enter in your Name and Email Address. Click Sign In.

    Exchange login with name filled in and email address showing an email address entered with a red box highlighting the sign in button on the bottom right.
  4. On the next window, it will say "Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft?" Please click on the "Configure Manually" button.  Do not click on "Sign In".

    Dialogue box with a red box highlighting the selection of the "Configure Manually" button
  5. On the next window, enter your NetID password and make sure that your is already input in as an Email address. Click on Sign In. 

    2nd login dialogue box with the name and email address already entered and a prompt to enter your unr email address password and a red box highlighting the Sign In button on the bottom right hand side
  6. Select the Apps you want synced into Apple Mac Mail and click on Done

    Apps that are availabel to sync include Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes with a red box highlighting the Done button on the bottom right hand side
  7. Your University of Nevada email account is now ready to use! 


If you have any issues accessing your employee email from Apple Mac Mail, please submit a ticket for email client setup assistance.


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