Purchasing a Department Cell Phone

A University department may purchase a cell phone (or tablet) and data plan for an employee. A dedicated department within OIT specializes in the technical support and administration of these devices. If you are not using the personal cell phone stipend, this department can guide you through the process of purchasing and connecting a University-owned device. 

For cell phone assistance including institutional orders, cancellations, feature changes or campus specific questions, submit a Business Cell Phone Support request.

Purchasing a Department Cell Phone

Two categories of devices (Apple iPhones, Android Devices) have been approved and will be supported for business use at the University including synchronization with the campus Exchange (email) server. OIT will assist purchasers with needs assessments, recommendations, purchase, voice and data plan modification, and configuration of supported devices.

If you wish to obtain a department cell phone for an employee, please submit a Business Cell Phone Support request before making the purchase. We will assist you with the purchase, account details, and configuration to ensure that you get the correct plan, are billed correctly, and receive any discounts that may be applicable to your situation. OIT encourages purchase of an unlimited data plan, in addition to a voice plan, for all "smart" handheld devices including Apple iPhones and Android Devices.

The local Apple Store and the local AT&T stores are not able to modify or initiate phone accounts associated with UNR business account or Exchange email accounts. OIT Cell Phone Support initiates and modifies University phone accounts.
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