Nearly every desk, and every office, on campus is equipped with a telephone. Each phone has a direct line associated with it, and can have voicemail and long distance access. Our information on Office Phones will let you know how to utilize and set up these features.

Additionally, the Office of Information Technology can assist you with Cell Phones - including setting up a University-owned cell phone or mobile data plans, obtaining discounts on your personal cell phone bill through your affiliation with the University, and how to use the features of your cell phone to connect to the wireless signal and your University email.

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Office Phones

There a few different types of office phones in use at the University, however they can all be set up to access the same features. In this section you will find information on how to use your office phone, make outgoing calls, and access voicemail.

To access your voicemail, dial (775) 682-9970 (or dial only 29970 if you are on campus).

Cell Phones

Information regarding purchasing a department cell phone and discounts for personally-owned cell phones.

Telecom Administration

This section should help you to understand the rates and charges associated with your telecom equipment. Additionally, it can be useful to know how to request long distance access codes or calling cards for employees.

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