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While it is strongly recommended that you consult with OIT prior to purchasing a computer, you may configure your own Dell computer. Follow these steps to place your order on the Dell Premier website:

  1. Log into the Dell Premier site. To obtain a password for the Dell Premier website, email BCN Purchasing at bcnpurchasing@nevada.edu.
  2. Click on Shop to see all options.
  3. Configure the computer(s) and equipment you want (NOTE: only enterprise grade models are available). Contact the OIT Support Center for assistance with the configuration options.
  4. Add the order to your cart, set the quantity, and continue shopping for other items.
  5. Select your warranty. (Again, OIT recommends a minimum of 3 years)
  6. Click Save as E-quote to save the order as an E-quote from the cart.
  7. Click E-quote and follow the directions. You will receive an email with a copy of the E-quote.
    • If you’re not sure how to proceed once you create an E-quote, please contact the Purchasing Department.
    • If you modify an E-quote, be sure to create a new E-quote with your changes for payment processing.
  8. Create a Purchase Requisition in Workday and upload the E-quote to the REQ. 
    • For instructions on creating a requisition, log into Workday and click on Workday Training Resources. From there, navigate to NSHE Workday Training - All Categories > Functional Area > Financials > Procurement for assistance.
  9. The approved Workday requisition will be processed by Purchasing who will place the order on the Dell site.

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