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The two sources for Apple products are CDW-G and the Apple Store for Education. 


To request a quote from CDW-G, visit their NSHE e-Procurement site

Apple Education Store

The following steps will guide you through registering for access to the Apple Education Store and requesting a quote.

Institution Apple ID

If you don’t already have an Institution Apple ID, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Go to https://ecommerce.apple.com, select Sign Up.
  2. Complete the identification fields, enter the security text presented, and click Next.
  3. A validation key is sent to your email. Copy and paste the key from your email into the validation field then click Continue.
  4. Select Continue on the Primary Location Selection page.


  1. Go to https://myaccess.apple.com and sign in with your institution Apple ID.
  2. Enter Customer Account Number, select country United States.
  3. Select the correct school location and click Next.
  4. Select email type and communication preferences.
  5. Agree to the Terms of Service.
  6. If you have not recently updated your Apple ID, you may be prompted for security questions. Enter your date of birth and optional rescue email address, then click Next.
  7. Choose your Role for Apple Online Store access as "Purchaser".
  8. Enter your manager or supervisor’s name, email address, phone number. Then click Next.
  9. Review and confirm your information, then click Submit to complete the registration process.
  10. Validation process: You will receive an in process notification email, followed by a welcome letter. Once you have received your welcome letter, you are ready to shop, make purchases or create proposals. Visit https://ecommerce.apple.com, select your country, and log in to the Apple Store for Education.

If you encounter any registration issues, send an email to enrollment@apple.com or call the Apple Support team at 1-800-800-2775 and follow the prompts for assistance. 

 Obtain a Quote

  1. Access the Apple NSHE Portal and sign in with your institution Apple ID. 
  2. Click on Apple Online Store
  3. Configure your computer
  4. Add your order to the cart for checkout
  5. Verify that you have checked the “Apple Care Protection” box
  6. Choose either Checkout or Send Proposal
  7. Create a Purchase Requisition in Workday and upload the Proposal to the REQ. 
    • For instructions on creating a requisition, log into Workday and click on Workday Training Resources. From there, navigate to NSHE Workday Training - All Categories > Functional Area > Financials > Procurement for assistance.

Apple Account Manager

Jim Evans
800-800-2775 ext 46904


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