Mac uniFLOW Client Installation

Once the Canon SecurePrint printer drivers have been installed, it is also necessary to also install the uniFLOW Client application. This software communicates between the printer drivers and the Canon machines to make sure that the correct department gets billed for the print job. You will not be able to print to the Canon machines without uniFLOW installed.

uniFLOW Client Web Portal Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to uniFLOW Web Portal Resources Page.
  2. Under the uniFLOW Client section select the UniFLOW Client for Mac option and download the file. 
    The uniFLOW web portal resources page with a red arrow and box highlighting the uniFLOW Client for Mac button.
  3. Double click the InstallUniFLOWMacClient.dmg file and drag the installer into the Applications folder.
  4. Double Click the uniFLOW Icon in your Applications folder to run the installer. If you receive an error that states "InstallUniFLOWMacClient.mpkg can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developed." follow the bulleted steps below, otherwise, skip to Step 5.
    • Hit the OK button.
    • Open your Apple Finder Menu and select System Preferences.
    • Find and select the Security and Privacy button.
    • In the Security and Privacy Window select the Lock button at the bottom left.
    • Enter your Mac administrator username and password and select Unlock.
    • Back on the Security and Privacy Window where is says "InstallUniFLOWMacClient.mpkg" was blocked from opening because it is not an identified developer, select Open Anyway.
    • A new popup window will appear, select the Open button this will then allow the installer to run normally.
  5. If during the install a popup asks you to download/install a Universal Driver select No.
  6. Once the installation is complete from the Mac desktop, at the top of the desktop select Go and then Applications and in the Applications window the uniFLOW Mac Client should now be listed.
  7. Now that the software has been installed, you need to make sure that it will launch automatically when your Mac starts up. Click on the Apple icon in the top right hand corner and select System Preferences..., then click on Users & Groups.

    Screenshot of the apple menu with a red box around System Preferences... 
    Screenshot of the System Preferences window with a red box around Users & Groups
  8. Select Login Items near the top of the screen, and see if MacClient is listed. If it is not, click on the + button. 
    Screenshot of the Users & Groups window with a red box around the add or remove item box and a red arrow pointing towards the add or remove item button.
  9. Change the file location to Applications and scroll until you see MacClient. Select MacClient and click on the Add button. 
  10. Click the Hide checkbox and the uniFLOW Client will now run on startup. 
  11. On the top right of the finder menu you will now see the uniFLOW Mac Client. From here you will need to update the user and server information.
    uniFLOW Mac Client finder menu options with the uniFLOW user and uniFLOW server highlighted by a red box.
  12. Select the uniFLOW user: %u option and a new window will pop up. Change the %u to your NetID and select OK
    Change uniFLOW User dialogue box with indicating you should enter your NetID into the input and a red box highlighting the OK button.
  13. Next select the uniFLOW server: UniFLOWServer option and a window will appear. Change UniFLOWServer to and select OK
    Change uniFLOW Server dialogue box indicating you enter in the input box and a red box highlighting the OK button.
  14. Test a print to ensure the print job goes to the copier.  


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