The Canon SecurePrint machines are jointly managed by the Office of Information Technology and Central Services, with technical support from Ray Morgan Company. These devices offer printing, scanning, and copying via a specialized management software on your computer called uniFLOW.

If you are interested in purchasing a Canon SecurePrint printer, please contact BCN Purchasing at for a quote.

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Requesting Access

Requirements and process for requesting permissions to Canon SecurePrint..

Print Driver and uniFLOW Installation

In order to use the Canon SecurePrint printers from your computer, you must have 1) permissions to print, 2) the correct printer driver, and 3) the uniFLOW Client application installed. The printer driver is what allows your computer to communicate with the printer. The uniFLOW Client application makes sure that the correct department is billed for the printouts that are sent to the copier.

Follow the instructions in this section to install both the printer driver and the uniFLOW Client application onto your PC or Mac. Once these are installed, you will be able to log in, print, copy, and more.

Copying, Printing, and Scanning Help

Once you have received your 6-digit PIN and installed the printer drivers and uniFLOW Client application on your computer, you may start using the Canon SecurePrint copiers. There are several features available on the machines; including printing, faxing, copying and scanning (to email and USB).

Maintenance and Replacement

As the Canon SecurePrint Machines are used by multiple users in the department, it is important to make sure you have enough supplies for the copier, and that it is being maintained properly. Both supplies and maintenance for Canon SecurePrint Machines are provided through Ray Morgan Company.