How to Move Content to a New UNR Qualtrics Account


To move existing surveys, data, and contacts from an old Qualtrics account to a new UNR Qualtrics account, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Create a UNR Qualtrics account. 
    Go to
    Log in with your UNR NetID
  2. Follow the Manual Move instructions on the Qualtrics Support site. NOTE: The Manual Move instructions are a little ways down on the User Moves page. You will be keeping your account active and copying any surveys, data, and contact lists you want to your UNR account. Qualtrics and UNR both recommend you not move any surveys that are active in your old account until they are completed because the links in the survey point to the old account. You can create new surveys in the new UNR Qualtrics account while the old account is still active. 
  3. Contact Qualtrics Support if you need more help with the instructions. If you need support with your UNR account, please submit a ticket using the Software and Online Apps forms.   


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