NEC - Phone Billing Information

The NEC Application allows department administrators access to view the phone bills for individual members of their departments.

Accessing Your Online Bill

To set up initial online viewing access, email Amy Mckillip with your University NetID, name, and a list of the account numbers associated with your group.

Viewing Phone Billing Information

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to

    The NEC Application is not compatible with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

  2. Enter your login credentials in the form of and password.
  3. Select the UNR tab.

Service Providers and Billing Cycles

The UNR IT Admin billing office bills back for the following services with predetermined billing cycles. Dates that bills post to accounts vary depending on holidays and service providers.

  • UNR/NEC Desk Sets and Line Charges, 1st through end of the month.
  • Long Distance Usage, 1st through end of the month.
  • Century Link Calling Cards and 800 numbers, 1st through end of the month.
  • Sprint Cellular, 3rd - 2nd of next month.
  • AT&T Mobility, 4th - 3rd of next month.
  • 411 Directory Assistance, 1st through end of the month.

Accessing Different Service Provider Statements

When logged onto MTS, select the UNR tab and what report is needed (JV Detail is shown below). Then, select the service provider from the drop down list under Extra JV Filters. You can only access detail for locked periods.

Types of Reports in MTS

JV Summary

This report gives a summary list of totals for the extensions and pin codes to which you have access and charges that were made for that billing period.

JV Detail

This report gives the detail of all charges (long distance, equipment, and other fees or surcharges) for extensions and pin codes to which you have access.

Fund Code Assignment by Entity

This report shows a list of all extensions and pin codes assigned to each account code. List also includes virtual lines where no charge is incurred.

JV Totals

This report shows a list of all account codes that you have access to view with total account code charges for the month. If you only have one account code that you review, this will only have one line listed.


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