Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Workday

Okta MFA Methods

Okta is a authentication portal utilized by Workday and it requires a secondary authentication method in addition to your NetID password when signing in for increased account security. Okta currently offers 3 versions of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) when signing in:

Okta Verify App

To sign in, you must start the Okta Verify Application on your mobile device which will generate a six-digit code. For more information, including configuration and usage, see Okta Verify. If at any point the application is uninstalled after it has been set up a MFA reset will be required. If at any point the Okta Verify application is uninstalled from your mobile device after setup you will require a MFA reset to log in. To reset your MFA method please contact the OIT Support Center.
Okta Verify App Code Confirmation Screen

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SMS Authentication

A security token will be sent to your mobile device via SMS text messaging.

Voice Call Authentication

To sign in, you must enter a security token which is sent to you via phone call from a mobile device or land line phone. It is not recommended to use your office phone for this method as you will be unable to log into Workday while off campus.

To reset your Workday (Okta) MFA to a new method or phone number please contact the OIT Support Center.
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Request help with Workday login and/or multi-factor authentication (MFA) issues. Active employees must log into Workday with a NetID.