Resetting your NetID Password Through the Online Identity Portal

If you remember the previous password for your NetID go to the Identity Portal.

  1. From that page, click on Reset NetID Password
    Identity Portal landing page with a red box and arrow highlighting the Reset NetID Password button
  2. Enter your NetID and current Password then click Log On
    Login page with NetID and password entered and the Log On button highlighted with a red button and arrow
  3. The next page is where you will do the reset. Fill out your current password, then create a new password. Your new password should meet the following requirements:
    • The password must be 8 characters or more.
    • The password may not contain any part of your name.
    • The password must contain at least three of the following character types:
      • An upper case letter (A…Z)
      • A lower case letter (a…z)
      • A number (0…9)
      • A symbol (!,$#%)
    • You cannot use any of your previous 4 NetID passwords.
    • You will need to change your password every 365 days.
    If you have a PCI enabled NetID you will need to change your NetID password every 90 days instead of 365 days and you cannot use any of your previous 24 NetID passwords when resetting.
    Click Submit when you are done
    Password Reset page with a red box highlighting the password requirements listed in text above and a red box and arrow highlighting the Submit button.


  1. If the page says "Success!" you have successfully changed your password. If the page says "Failed to change your password" try again with a different password.
    • You have 4 attempts to create a new password before the system locks the account for 10 minutes

If you do not remember your previous password, on Step 2, click Forgot Password this will take you to a screen where you can then get a temporary password sent to you as long as you set up this option upon NetID activation. From there, you will be able to continue with the above directions using the temporary code provided as your Current NetID Password. 

If on Step 2 when selecting Forgot Password and receive an error message that says "You have not enrolled in Self Help", please contact the UNR OIT Support Center to get your password reset. 


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