Installing Software Using Jamf Self Service on iOS


The Jamf Self Service Portal is installed on iOS devices that are managed by the Office of Information Technology. Jamf allows OIT Technicians to push campus approved and licensed applications to your device. The Self Service portal makes those applications available for you to download or reinstall at your convenience.

Applications installed via the Apple App Store are also allowed on OIT managed devices.

Jamf Self Service Instructions

  1. Find and open the Self Service Application.
    Home page with the Self Service Icon highlighted with a red box
  2. Find the application you would like to install and select the Install or Reinstall button below it.
  3. If Reinstalling an App a pop-up may appear saying "An install command was already sent. Are you sure you want to Reinstall?" Select the Reinstall button to continue.
    Reinstall popup with the Reinstall button highlighted by a red box
  4. A progress bar will appear under the application while it is installing. Once the bar is completed the application will appear in your list of applications on the home screen.
    Newly installed application (Ex. Microsoft Word) highlighted by a red box



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