While the Office of Information Technology works hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong on your computer, it's probably a good idea to know some best practices relating to the usage and maintenance of the computer.

Nearly all office computers on campus are tied to our central network. You should log into these computers with your NetID to ensure that you get the latest updates, and that necessary security policies are applied so that you can access resources such as network storage or your email.

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Computer and Internet Troubleshooting

Simple troubleshooting steps for computing and browsing issues.

DWPI Technology Information

Technology information related to the Digital Wolf Pack Initiative

Retrieving Computer Information

Not sure how to find your computer name, service tag/serial number, IP address, or MAC address? If you need to contact the OIT Support Center for technical assistance with your computer, it is important to know how to obtain certain information that will help the OIT Technician diagnose and resolve your issue.

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Pinned Article Bringing University Desktop Computers Back on Campus

Process and procedures for returning your University computer to campus.

Pinned Article Updating Windows University Computers While Off-Campus

How to check for and install Windows updates on your University computer while off-campus

Setting Up a New Office Computer

How to request assistance setting up a new computer.

Maintaining Your Office Computer

How to take proactive steps to maintain your University computer.

Understanding Folder Redirection

The basics and advantages of using of Windows folder redirection.

Data Backup Guidance

Nothing feels worse than losing important data. Nothing. Our self-help section on backing-up data will help ensure that you’re not fulling-relying on a single hard drive to keep your information safe and secure.

PCI Recharge

Information in PCI machine compliance and Frequently Asked Questions