Adding a Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Method - Authenticator App

Note: If you are attempting to set up your MFA prior to the rollout on Nov 1st please sign into the Microsoft My Sign-ins page using your UNR employee email and password and use the +Add sign-in method button then proceed to Step 8 in these instructions. You will not be automatically prompted to add new authentication methods when signing into your email until Nov 1st.

The following article details how to add the Authenticator App for both the Notification and Verification Code methods of authenticating.

  1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator App via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. In a web browser navigate to
  3. Log in with your Employee Email address and password.
  4. Upon logging in you will be prompted for more information select Next.
    More information required screen
  5. On the following page in the "How should we contact you?" drop down select Mobile app.
    Authentication request drop down highlighted with a red box and arrow
  6. If you wish to receive authentication requests via app notification select Receive notifications for verification, or you can select Use verification code to authenticate via a rotating code on your mobile app.
  7. Select Set up
    Additional security information page with the Set up button highlighted by a red box and arrow
  8. A pop up will appear with a QR Code. Open the Authenticator App on your device and click the + button to add a new authentication account.
    Configure mobile app window showing a sample QR code with the next button highlighted by a red box
  9. Next select the Work or school account
  10. Click Scan QR Code
  11. A camera window will pop up, center the QR code in the camera to allow it to register automatically or alternatively you can select the Enter Code Manually button at the bottom of the device to add the code located below the QR code. Once registered hit the Next button to close the pop up.
  12. Click Next.
  13. In the Microsoft Authenticator App approve the test notification sent to your device or enter the verification code.
  14. For employees who have not set up a self password reset method you may be prompted on the following page to set up a backup phone verification method in case you lose access to your mobile app. If you do not see this page skip to Step 20.
  15. Enter a phone number then click Done.
    phone verification page with entry box and Done button highlighted by a red arrow and box
  16. The next page click Verify next to your self password reset phone number. 
    verify self password resets options page with the Verify link next to the phone method highlighted by a red box
  17. Choose text me to receive a verification code via text or call me to confirm via a phone call.  
  18. The Authentication Phone should now have a green check mark next to it.
    Note: You can also add an Email backup but only one self password method is required to continue.
    Authentication Phone showing a green check mark next to it, the Verify link has also updated to Change
  19. Select finish
  20. You will now be able to log into your Microsoft 365 web portal.


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