Migrating Data using Google Takeout (Google Decommission)

Log out of all Google accounts prior to following any of these instructions so they do not interfere in the transfer process.

Due to recent policy changes on Google's end, the University is decommissioning the @nevada.unr.edu Gmail tenant by May 24, 2024. Data can be transferred directly to a personal Google account, accessed via an email link download, or transferred to another Cloud storage solution. 

Purchases on the Google Play store cannot be transferred, see Google Support for more information.

Transfer Google Data from @nevada.unr.edu to another Google Account

  1. Navigate to https://takeout.google.com/transfer and login with your @nevada.unr.edu email address.
  2. Enter the personal Google account you would like the data transferred to and select Send Code
    Google Takeout Transfer page with red boxes highlighting the email email input and Send Code button
  3. An email confirmation code will be sent to the personal Gmail address, enter the code in below and click Verify.
    Example of confirmation code email
    Takeout page with the confirmation code entered and red boxes highlighting the code entry and Verify button.
  4. Select the data you would like transferred then select Start Transfer.

    Please Note: Only Google Drive and Gmail Data will be transferred utilizing this method. If you have other data (Chrome Bookmarks, Photos, Google Fit Data, etc.) you will need to utilize the Transfer Google Data via an Email link or other Cloud Storage System (OneDrive, Box, DropBox) instructions outlined below.
    Takeout transfer page with the toggle switches for google drive and Gmail data and the start transfer button highlighted by red boxes

  5. You may be asked to authenticate once more with your @nevada.unr.edu email address.
  6. You should see an You're All Set! confirmation page which explains that the transfer may take up to a week. 
    Example of You're all set confirmation page

Transfer Google Data via an Email link or other Cloud Storage System (OneDrive, Box, DropBox)

  1. Navigate to https://takeout.google.com/ and login with your @nevada.unr.edu email address.
  2. A list of Google's data types will appear. Select the data types that you would like to migrate, then scroll down to the bottom and select Next Step.
    Google Takeout Data selection page example
  3. Choose the destination to migrate the data to then select Create Export. If you chose another cloud storage system as the transfer destination Google will ask you to link the account for the direct transfer to take place. 

    You can view the progress of your export by scrolling back up to the top of the page and selecting the Manage Exports button which displays and allows you to download any previous exports.

    Please Note: The Microsoft @unr tenant cannot be linked to Google Takeout. If you need to migrate data directly to your university OneDrive please see the instructions on Migrating Data using Microsoft Mover.
    Transfer to input box and Create export button highlighted by a red box
  4. Once the export is completed you will receive an email the link in your @nevada.unr.edu email inbox from Google Takeout. Once you select the Download your files button and after logging once more with your @nevada.unr.edu email address you will be able to access the .zip or .tgz file for download.

    If you chose another Cloud storage system (Dropbox, Box, non-university OneDrive, etc.) the .zip or .tgz file will appear in that account upon completion.



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