Approvals Requests

As a manager of an individual or resource, you may be asked to approve or reject a request within TeamDynamix. The approvals process is designed to be a quick way for you to sign-off on a submission, eliminating the need for paper forms and improving auditing capabilities.

1. Receive Email

You will receive an email informing you that you are assigned to an approval workflow step. Click the button in the email to send you to the Approval/Rejection screen.

2. Approve or Reject the Request

After logging in with your NetID you will see the approval screen:

Approval Screen

Click either the green "Approve" button or the "Reject" button and then provide a brief comment in the screen. Finally, click on the "Approve" or "Reject" button (depending on your earlier choice) to save.

To view more details about the ticket, click on the title of the ticket (under the "Details" section on the left) to read more.

3. View all pending approvals

If you want to view all of your pending requests, click on Services and then My Approvals.

My Approvals

To View Ticket Details

Click on the Title of the ticket under the "Item" column.

To Approve/Reject the Workflow Step

Click on the name of the Workflow step under the "Step" column.

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