WolfDocs (OnBase)

WolfDocs (OnBase) is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes, and cases. WolfDocs speeds up processes and reduces costs by capturing important information into one system; managing data, documents, and processes; integrating with your existing systems; providing instant access to everyone who needs it; giving visibility into your processes and system performance and securely storing, protecting and deleting your information.

Access OnBase

Request Access

New to OnBase? The information below summarizes the basic process for gaining access to OnBase and the materials needed for new customers. 

1. Apply for OnBase Access

Use the Security Application to request WolfDocs (OnBase) access

2. Create a Hyland Profile

Create a Hyland Profile and use HSI: 22248 when completing the online form to have your personal account tied to the larger UNR account. Your Hyland profile will allow you to access 200+ hours of training, an online community of Hyland users and subject matter experts, and other resources listed below. 

3. Access OnBase

After your request for access has been processed, the Hyland Unity Client will be available for installation from the Software Center on your Windows machine. Additionally, you can log in to the OnBase web client to access OnBase online.  

OnBase Help

Front-End Support

Front-end support of business applications like OnBase is typically provided by the functional owner of the application, i.e. a department or individual outside of the Office of Information Technology with in-depth knowledge of an application's usage and functionality. If you are an end user of OnBase, please contact the department or person that provides user support. 

Back-End Support

The underlying service technology and maintenance is provided on the back-end by OIT's Business Applications Services. To reach the Business Applications team for WolfDocs (OnBase) support, please submit a Business Applications ticket.

Watch Training Videos

Using your Hyland Profile, watch the training videos below to learn the basics of OnBase.

Introduction to OnBase (19 min) - A brief, non-technical overview of OnBase
A Tour of the All-New Training.Hyland.com (26 min) - Explores the new features of the OnBase Training site
End User Essentials: OnBase 17 (Unity Client) (52 min) - Learn the basic features and functionality of the OnBase Unity Client
End User Essentials: OnBase 17 (Web Client) (47 min)- Learn the basic features and functionality of the OnBase Web Client


 With your Hyland profile, you will have access to the following resources and materials: 


WolfDocs hosting and maintenance costs for FY 20 have been paid by OIT. Central funding options are being considered for future fiscal year(s). We expect to provide a status to departments using WolfDocs around mid-fiscal year.



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