How to install the Hyland Unity Client FEP3 (WolfDocs) on University Computers

After your request for access has been processed, the Hyland Unity Client can be installed through a Desktop shortcut that should appear on your university Windows computer.

  1. Double click on the Install Unity Client FEP3 shortcut on your Desktop to start the installation.
    Install Unity Client Shortcut Icon
    Note: If you don’t see the shortcut on your Desktop, reboot/restart your PC and check again.
  2. Follow the instructions outlined by the windows that pop-up during the installation (verification of the application, downloading, installing, and preparing the application).
    Install window showing words "Verifying application requirements. This may take a few moments."
    Installation window showing install progress
  3. Once installation is complete, the Hyland Unity Client FEP3UC20.3 shortcut will appear on your Desktop.
    Hyland Unity Client Shortcut Icon
  4. After the shortcut appears the application will then launch automatically, prompting you to authenticate with your NetID and password.
    NetID and Password Login page


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