VPN Special Access Request

NOTE: All student, staff, and faculty have been granted base access to the VPN for purposes of connecting to the Virtual Desktop and Remote Office Computer Access. If you need additional specialized VPN access (server access, ssh, specific fileshares, etc.) then you will need to fill out this request.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a system at the University that allows an off-campus computer to connect to the University network. Once connected via the VPN, the off-campus computer will be treated by the university network as though it were on-campus. To request special access to the VPN, click Request Service.

If you are experiencing issues connecting or using the client, please use the Report VPN Issues form.


Access to specialized portions of the VPN is strictly controlled and is limited to those with a legitimate business need that is not met within our remote environment using Virtual Desktops or Office Computer Remote Access. If your specialized VPN access request is approved, refer to the Knowledge Base for connection instructions


VPN is available at no charge

Request Service

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