Steps for Subsequent Connections to the VPN

NOTE: If you are currently connected to the University wireless (eduroam) or wired network you DO NOT need to connect to the VPN prior to connecting to any remote resources.

The VPN Connection Agent is programmed to always run. You must manually tell the program when you would like to connect to the VPN. 


Reconnecting to the VPN

  1. Locate the GlobalProtect Globe Icon in your system tray. Left click on the Globe Icon, confirm that the portal you are connecting to is then click on Connect.

    System tray with the Global Protect icon highlighted by a red box and arrow

    Global Protect connection window with the entered in the input box and the connect button highlighted by a red box
    2. Depending on the time since your last Azure authentication you may be redirected to a browser page that will have you log in with your and your NetID password as well and prompted to authenticate via Microsoft Azure MFA.

Disconnecting from the VPN

  1. To disconnect, locate the Global Protect Globe Icon in your system tray. Left click on the Globe Icon and click on Disconnect

    system tray with the global protect icon highlighted by a red box and arrow

    GP connection window with the Disconnect button highlighted by a red box
If you have any issues reconnecting to the VPN using the instructions above, please Report a VPN Issue.
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