ESRI ArcGIS (Windows Only) 2023-2024

This software is used for geographic mapping. There are many different ESRI products available, the most popular being ArcGIS.


Those with an interest can sign up for our community list for ESRI. Simply click on the button below. On the page that follows, enter your information under Subscribe to this list: 

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For additional resources related to ESRI, GIS and other mapping tools, please see the Libraries Research Guide.


The 2023-2024 license is now available and will be in effect from 7/15/2023-7/14/2024.

Annual ESRI Licenses automatically expire after a 30-day grace period. During the 30-day grace period, users get a warning that the license is going to expire up to the last day. Even if a user has purchased a renewal license for the upcoming year, the notifications will not stop until the new license automatically rolls over on the first day of the new license period. 

Faculty and Staff Licenses

Software is deployed to each computer by its name or "hostname."  The hostname of each computer receiving the software is required on every order. For instructions on how to find your computer's hostname please see our Computer Name page.

The campus ESRI license allows for installation only on university-owned Windows computers. Personal computers are not eligible for campus ESRI licenses. 

Additional Options

ESRI is also available on the Virtual Desktops.


$114.00 per license (Windows only). This software is not prorated.

No charge for use on the Virtual Desktops.


If you have additional questions that weren't addressed above, please contact for assistance.

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