Administrative Faculty - New Position, Revised Job Description, or Promotion Request

Questions About Your HR Services Request?

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HR Services - Support Options

  • If you need an approval email to be sent again, please email and include the ticket number in the body of your email.
  • Additional questions about this HR Services request can be directed to the Job Review Team in Human Resources.

New Position, Revised Job Description, or Promotion Request - TeamDynamix Workflow

  1. Click Request Service button to the right to be redirected to the form
  2. Complete the form in TeamDynamix
  3. The person submitting the request receives a notification that a ticket has been created.
  4. The request is routed to the Fiscal & HR Officer (associated with the department of the requestor) for college/division approval.
    • If you need an approval email resent, please email and include the ticket number in the body of your email.

Human Resources is accepting the financial approval in lieu of routing approvals to a Dean/VP; it is incumbent upon the financial individual to have appropriate conversations with division/college leadership.

  1. The HR Fiscal Officer will receive an email indicating that they then need to approve or reject the request.
    • Two important links appear in the email: Ticket Details and Approve / Reject Request.
    • There is also a link on How to Approve or Reject a Request in TeamDynamix
      • If the request is approved, it will go to the Human Resources Job Review team for additional review.
      • If the request is rejected, the person who created the ticket will be notified.

  1. Human Resources will perform analysis pursuant to standard procedures and communicate with the Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs, as required.
  2. Upon approval, the individual who created the ticket will be notified of its approval for final processing.
  3. A final job description will be emailed to the initiator directly. Job Evaluation will provide additional guidance regarding next steps.
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