Guest Wireless Accounts for 6 Days or More

Guest wireless account access for six days or more must be requested by a faculty or staff member and will go through an approval process once submitted.To avoid delays, please submit this request a week in advance of the date the access should begin. 


  • The form must be completed by the UNR employee who is sponsoring the account holder or group
  • There must be a legitimate reason for having an account for this length of time, such as for a conference or a contract worker
  • If you are requesting access for a group event, please include the number of people, location on campus, and the title/purpose of the event

Request A Guest Wireless Account For 6+ Days

This request must be approved by the Approving Authority (Dean, Director, or Department Head) of the requesting department. If the Sponsor completing the form is not also the Approving Authority, the Approving Authority will be emailed for his or her approval, then the ticket will automatically route to OIT Management for review. Once approved by OIT Management, the account will be created. Once created, the account will not be issued until the day before the access is to begin. Note: if you are requesting an account to be used by a group, only one account is created. This account can be used by the number of people requested. 


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Request a guest wireless account for six days or more.