Networks, Connectivity, and Troubleshooting

Articles covering the University's wireless, Ethernet, and ResHall networks.

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Wired Network

Support for wired network connections at UNR.

Wireless Access

The University supports an extensive wireless network that covers all building on campus and some areas off-campus as well.

All active students, faculty and staff should access the eduroam signal for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices and the UNR-IOT network if they wish to use IOT devices (Smart TVs, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, gaming consoles, etc.) wirelessly.

Visitors to the University can receive permission to access the UNR-Guest signal.

Although both of these signals allow for unrestricted access to websites, some restrictions to other network resources do apply depending upon your affiliation and the content you are trying to access.

Occasionally, you may experience difficulty connecting your device to the wireless network. Please see our Wireless Troubleshooting guide for common solutions to fix these issues.

ResHall Network

In order to access the wired internet at the Residence Halls, you need to register your computer and other devices (such as gaming consoles or Blu-Ray players) on the Residence Hall Network. To register, you will need an active NetID, and you need to know the MAC Address of the device you want to register.

A student may register up to 5 devices on the ResHall Network. If necessary, this limit can be increased.

It is necessary to register your device on the Residence Hall Network so that we can maintain a secure and efficient network. We do not use this registration to access your computer or monitor your network traffic.

If you are having issues registering a device on the ResHall network, or accessing the ResHall network, please see our Troubleshooting section.

If you wish to register any IOT Devices (Smart TVs, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.) on the wireless network please refer to the UNR-IOT instructions in the Wireless Network category.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a system at the University that allows an off-campus computer to connect to the University network. Once connected via the VPN, the off-campus computer will be treated by the university network as though it were on-campus. All students, staff, and faculty are granted base access to the VPN.

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