How to Access UNR-IOT

  1. Navigate to the UNR-IOT Device Registration Portal and login with NetID and password then select Log In.

    Login page showing a NetID and password filled out with the "Log In" button highlighted by a red box and arrow
  2. Once logged in, fill out the registration form, which includes: 
    • MAC address: For information on how to locate the MAC address for your device please refer to your device manual
    • Device Name: Create a name for your device that will be easily distinguishable from your other IOT devices
    • Account Expiration: Set the time period before the device must be re-registered (the maximum time frame is 1 year from initial registration).
    • Notes (optional): Can include notes on registration to help distinguish the device
    • Acknowledgment: Read the terms of use and check the box to acknowledge that you are the device sponsor and that you agree to the TOS

    Once all it the required fields are completed select the Create button.

    Device creation window showing MAC address filled out, device named, account expiration set for 1 year and the Terms of use check box selected then a red box and arrow highlighting the "Create" button.
  3. Once submitted, a receipt with a Pre-Shared Key will be generated. Please write down your password somewhere safe as you will NOT be able to recover it again without the assistance of OIT.

    Registration complete page with where your password would be displayed with a red box and arrow highlighting it.
  4. On the registered device, go to the wireless connection menu, join the UNR-IOT network, and enter the Pre-Shared Key password to connect .

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