Examples of Roles That May Need a Guest NetID

Many departments on campus bring in users whom are not hired directly by the University of Nevada and therefore are not automatically assigned a NetID. These can include such roles as:

  • Affiliates are visitors who are already covered for liability by their home institution or organization.
  • Volunteers are visitors doing work for the university and have liability coverage paid for by the university during the period they are doing work. Departments sponsoring volunteers must submit a completed UNR Volunteer Packet to BCN HR.
  • Visiting Scholars are scholars from another university, research institution, government agency or non-profit organization who visits the University for the purposes of participating in a University-sponsored educational program, cooperative agreement, or collaborative research project under the sponsorship/supervision of a University of Nevada, Reno faculty, for a short period of time. This participation may include shadowing or observing work of another, completing tasks solely for the pursuit of educational objectives, touring facilities or approved use of university resources for community benefit. Activities outside of the aforementioned list may require the visiting scholar to obtain and maintain US work authorization.


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