Although much of the functionality of the RACF has been replaced by Workday. Some personnel still require a RACF  (Resource Access Control Facility) ID to securely access legacy and archived information from such systems as:

  • Advantage/ HRMS/ SIS (Mustang)
  • Web PAFs
  • and some Third-Party Applications

A RACF ID is usually made up of 6 letters, including the user's initials, and a number. For example, Joan Anne Smith may receive the RACF ID RAFJAS1.

The password for the RACF expires every 60 days.

Accessing RACF ID Resources

All of the resources accessed by your RACF ID are available online. Any computer with a web browser and Java installed should be able to access the resources.

The most commonly accessed RACF ID resources are:

Advantage/ HRMS/ SIS (QWS3270)

The Advantage/ HRMS/ SIS system is accessed using software called QWS3270. For information about installing and accessing the system, visit the QWS3270 software page. After installation, refer to the instructions for configuring QWS3270.

RACF Password Expiration

"Your access to the system has been revoked"

Screenshot of the QWS message confirming that your password has expired.

You may receive this message when logging into different systems using your RACF ID. This means that the password has expired and needs to be reset.

For security reasons, your RACF ID password expires every 60 days. Most systems will automatically inform you when you need to change your RACF ID password, and will give you the option to do so before completing the login process. In some situations however, you may need a technician to reset your password manually.

To have your RACF ID password reset, please follow the QWS3270 RACF password reset instructions or contact the OIT Support Center at (775) 682-5000. In order to process the password reset, the technician will need to verify your Employee ID. You will be given a temporary password, and will be prompted to set a permanent password the next time you login with your RACF ID.



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