Collaboration, Shared Links, and Additional File Sharing Tools

Collaborating vs. Shared Links 


Invite an individual to be a collaborator if you are working with them on long-term projects, or if they are not an employee of the University. Depending on the access level you give them, collaborators can view, edit, upload and download documents, and receive updates on actions taking place in the folder. 

Shared Links 

Using a shared link allows a recipient to preview or download a given file or folder. Users accessing your content through a shared link are only allowed to have "read-only" access and cannot make changes to your files. Shared links default to only allow employees of the University. If the data isn't sensitive, then they can also be adjusted to allow in the general public without the need for them to create an account. 

Collaboration Tools

Group and Organization Accounts 

Special accounts that can be created to "own" files and folders for collaboration groups that may experience personnel changes or have some other reason for not tying the information to an individual account holder.

File Tracking 

Versioning and audit logs allow a file owner to track a file and restore to a previous version if necessary. 


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