Learn how to share files using Collaboration and Shared Links to users both within and outside the University.

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Collaboration is great way to share content for a long term project and monitor updates over time. A collaborator is an individual who has been invited to access a specific folder.

NOTE: If you send an invite to a person without a NevadaBox account they will be prompted to sign up for either a NevadaBox account or a personal Box account before being able to access the content.

Shared Links

Grant read-only access to the file or folder of your choice with a private or public shared link.

If you would like to share sensitive data with someone who is not employed with the University, or you would like someone to be able to edit the data, please use Collaboration instead of a shared link.

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Collaboration, Shared Links, and Additional File Sharing Tools

Information on the differences between collaboration and shared links and links to other collaboration tools.