Moderator List Actions

Important Note: As an owner or a moderator you must also be a subscriber to the list.

Moderator List Actions (Owners can also perform these actions)

These actions only apply to lists with message moderation, these actions do not need to be done on lists that are configured to automatically accept or reject messages.

Approving or Rejecting Moderated Messages:

If a message is sent from a moderated member list owners and moderators will receive an email that there is a message awaiting moderation.

After logging in to click the Mailman Settings link and choose the list name you want to manage.

Click the Held Messages tab. Any messages held for moderation will appear in the list:

Held Messages page showing a held message with the three options available on the top right: "Accept", "Reject", and "Discard" in green, yellow, and red boxes respectively.

Click the check box next to the message you are moderating and select the action to take on the top right:

  • Accept: The message will be sent to the list.
  • Reject: The message will not be sent to the list and the sender will be notified that it was rejected.
  • Discard: The message will not be sent to the list and the sender will not be notified.


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