Accessing Voicemail and Menu Options

Voicemail Access

Access Voicemail from a Phone

Unified Messaging provides comprehensive voicemail access through the telephone and via e-mail.  

Voicemail phone number 775-682-9970 with the last 5 digits highlighted (29970) for calling while on campus.

Access Voicemail via Email

People with an email address, managed by OIT , you will receive a fully integrated voicemail/email system.

  • Transcribed voicemails, with an attached audio file, will appear in your inbox.
  • You can listen to your e-mails and calendar appointments via the telephone access number.

Accessing Someone Else's Voicemail

To access another employee's voicemail, even if the individual is no longer employed by the University, the dean/director/dept. chair of that department needs to send a request for approval to the Provost before OIT will be able to help them. This policy is in place for security and legal reasons.

Menu Options

Unified Messaging can recognize simple voice commands (highlighted in bold below). Alternatively, use the touchtone system to achieve the same commands.

  • To listen to your voicemail messages, press 1
  • To record and send a message, press 2
  • For Phone Manager functions, press 3
  • To listen to saved messages, press 5
  • To listen to selected messages, press 6
  • To listen to deleted messages, press 7

Personal Options

Personal options are accessed through the Phone Manager by pressing 3 from the menu structure options listed above, followed by 1 for Personal Options.

  • To turn on your Out of Office Telephone Greeting that lets callers know you are away, press 1
  • To change your PIN, press 4
  • To return to the main menu at any time, press *


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