There a few different types of office phones in use at the University, however they can all be set up to access the same features. In this section you will find information on how to use your office phone, make outgoing calls, and access voicemail.

To access your voicemail, dial (775) 682-9970 (or dial only 29970 if you are on campus).

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Pinned Article Office Phone Services

A list of popular services available in the service catalog for office phones.

Phone Handset Manuals

Instruction manuals for the DTerm 2400 and SV7000 / DT730 phone models.

Making Outgoing Calls

How to place campus-to-campus, local, long distance, and international calls.

Managing Your Voicemail PIN

Creating and resetting your PIN for Unified Messaging.

Accessing Voicemail and Menu Options

The Unified Messaging system provides comprehensive voicemail access via telephone and email.

Long Distance Calls

How to obtain a Long Distance Access Code or a calling card.