Logging into the Canon SecurePrint Printers

All of the functions of the Canon Printers involve logging in by either swiping your WolfCard or entering your 6-digit PIN.

  1. Login to the SecurePrint screen to begin. If the screen is black, tap the screen to bring it back from power save. 
  2. Swipe your WolfCard or enter your 6-digit PIN in the ID Number Box using the keys on the control panel.
    Printer log in screen which indicates you should either swipe your ID card(WolfCard) or use the AD Login button on the lower right hand side which will allow you to log in with your 6-digit PIN.
  3. After logging in, you may need to select which account you would like to use by pressing on the department name with your finger. 
    • Be aware that all mobile print/copy/scan activity will be recorded against the selected department until you log out. Computer printing activity will be recorded against the department you selected on your computer through the uniFLOW Client.
  4. You will now be able to access all the features of the Canon SecurePrint machines.
    The Canon SecurePrint Selection page showing the following options from left to right: Copy, Scan and Send, and Secure Print.


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