Connecting to the Virtual Desktops via Remote Website

Please refrain from utilizing any audio or video streaming services within the remote environment to reduce the strain on the remote servers. Video streaming (Zoom, Teams Meetings, Youtube, etc.) should be done on your local computer. Anyone using video or audio streaming within the remote environment may have their remote session terminated without warning.

If you are on a public computer, or do not have administrative rights on the computer, you may connect to Remote Services via our website,

This method will only work for those using a Windows PC. Mac users will need to follow the instructions for the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

How to Connect via the Remote Services Website

  1. In any browser, go to
  2. Once the web page loads, enter in your NetID and password and click Sign In.

    Screenshot of the UNR Remote Services website with a red box around the Sign In button and a red arrow pointing towards the Sign In button.
  3. Click on the Remote Desktop you would like to run, and download the .rdp file when prompted. Please Note: Not all of these desktops may be available to you once you log in, if you do not see the desktop you require please contact the OIT Support Center.

    Screenshot of the Remote Desktop Connection window with a red box around the Connect button and a red arrow pointing towards the connect button.
  4. Locate the .rdp file in your downloads and then click Connect when prompted to trust the publisher. 

    List of possible Virtual Desktops available (Campus Desktop, College of Business, DataWorks - BlueWolf, DataWorks-SAS Enabled, DataWorks SilverWolf, and Engineering)
  5. Enter in your NetID in the form of UNR\NetID and password when requested. 

The software will open and run as if it were native to your machine. 

With the software launched on your computer, it is a good idea to understand how to access files on Remote Services.


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