Learning and Working Remotely

Remote Services are resources offered by the University that can be connected to virtually. These include Office Computer Remote Access which allows you to connect to your work computer from anywhere or Virtual Campus Resources which include: Virtual Desktop environments for active students, faculty, and staff to access campus software.

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Virtual Desktops

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Office Computer Remote Access

These instructions will allow you to connect directly to your Windows office computer from home using either a PC or Mac. In order to establish said connection, you need to configure your office computer's settings, and then your home computer's connection application.

IMPORTANT: These instructions will only allow you to connect to a Windows PC, It is not possible to connect to a Mac via this method.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a system at the University that allows an off-campus computer to connect to the University network. Once connected via the VPN, the off-campus computer will be treated by the university network as though it were on-campus. All students, staff, and faculty are granted base access to the VPN.

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Off-Campus Resources (Working Remotely)

Technology resources for working and studying off-campus.