Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Named User License - Off Campus and Home Use

You must have an Adobe Named User License to proceed with these instructions. For information on requirements and how to request a license please see our Adobe Creative Cloud Access Service Page.

Your Adobe Named User License allows you to install Creative Cloud on multiple computers. If you do University work on an off campus or home computer, you can use your campus license and install Adobe Creative Cloud on that computer. 

The Office of Information Technology recommends that you verify your system requirements before installing Adobe Creative Cloud on your off campus or home computer. The system requirements can be found on Adobe's System Requirements page.

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Named User License for Off Campus or Home Use 

  1. Go to https:/ and click on Sign in in the top right hand corner of the screen. 
    Adobe main webpage with the "Sign In" link highlighted by a red box and arrow.
  2. You will be directed to login to your Adobe ID. Enter in your and select Continue.  
    Adobe ID sign in page indicating to enter your email address and a red box and arrow highlighting the continue button.
  3. You will be redirected to the NetID login screen. Enter in your NetID and password and click Sign in.  
    Screenshot of the NetID Login page with a red box around the Sign in button and a red arrow pointing towards the Sign In button.
  4.  One logged in, select the Open button under Your Services.
    Welcome back page with the Open button under the Creative Cloud symbol highlighted by a red box and arrow.
  5. Click on the Install Creative Cloud app link under the Quick links.
    Creative Cloud page with the Install Creative Cloud link highlighted by a red box and arrow.
  6. Your Creative Cloud Installer should download automatically, if it does not start select Restart download link to manually download.
    Creative Cloud download screen with the "Restart download" link highlighted by a red box.
  7. Open the installer and follow the instructions to install Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer.
  8. Once installed when opening the application you will be asked to log in with your Adobe ID again. Once logged in, click on the All Apps tab. You will now be able to see a full list of the apps available to you under your Named User License. Each app will need to be installed individually.
    Creative Cloud Desktop Application with the All Apps button highlighted by a red box and arrow.
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