Networked Printing FAQ

The Office of Information Technology manages a printer server for the networked printers at the University. This allows for multiple users in the same department to use the same printer on their University-owned office computer. Access to the printer can be restricted to an approved list of users.

What is the network name of a printer? 

Printers on the Print server have a network name that follows this naming convention:

[building abbreviation]_[Make and Model of Printer]-[Department/Location]

For Example kc_hplj1000-oit would mean the following:

  • Located in the Knowledge Center
  • Printer model HP Laserjet 1000
  • For use by the Office of Information Technology

The name of a particular network printer can most easily be found on the computer of someone who already has access to that printer (n the list of their available printers).

How do I get access to a network printer?

To grant or remove access from a Network Printer your supervisor or department admin assistant must complete the applicable form in the Printing and Related Services category of the service catalog. For security reasons, users are unable to request their own permissions.

It does not take long for permissions to be assigned, provided the OIT Support Center has the proper information. Once you have been notified, restart your computer for the permissions to take effect. Refer to the instructions for installing the printer driver on a PC or installing the print driver on a Mac.  

Our department has an Ethernet-ready printer. How do we add it to the network? 

New or existing Ethernet-ready printers can be added to the UNR print server. If you have a network-enabled printer that you would like to make available to multiple computers, please submit your request to Add a Network-Ready Printer to the Server

Can OIT provide a quote for a new network printer?

You can request a quote for a new network printer using the Network Printer Quote request.

Does OIT replace toner or paper?

Generally, each department is responsible for replacing the toner and paper on these devices. However you may submit a ticket for assistance with any technical support that may be required.


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