Employee Information Security Training

What is Employee Information Security Training?

This is training that is for all faculty, staff, employees, and Emeriti who are in Workday with an active UNR Exchange profile.  It provides you with valuable skills to keep the University's information secure, which is imperative for protecting our entire University community.  These tools will help us all to Protect the Pack!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified of security awareness training?  

You will receive an email with the subject line "Important: Information Security Training for UNR Employees" from University of Nevada, Reno <do-not-reply@unr.edu> when the security awareness training campaign has been assigned to you. The email will include a link that will take you to a NetID login page to get in to the KnowBe4 training campaign.

Each campaign email will go to your @unr.edu Exchange email address because that is the official email address on your employee profile. If you have not checked that email, or you have not yet activated that email, please start there to troubleshoot missing emails. You may get assistance with activating your UNR Exchange email by contacting OIT Support Center. 

Each campaign sends a ‘welcome/introduction’ email; a ‘past-due’ email; and a ‘completion of the campaign’ email; you may also receive a ‘reminder to finish’ email during some campaigns.

What are the system requirements for completing the training?

Please use a laptop or desktop with Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the KnowBe4 training courses. It is not recommended to use an iPad, tablet, or mobile device to complete this training to ensure proper completion of the training. 

I started the training, but I'm not seeing anything. Why?

This issue often is caused by a popup blocker in your browser. Turn off the popup blocker and relaunch the training. If you continue to encounter issues with the pop-up, please contact OIT Support Center.

Why are the training modules not loading or are locking up?

This may be due to the type of device or browser you are using. It is not recommended that an iPad or tablet be used for training. Please use a desktop or laptop computer with either Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser. If you continue to encounter issues, please contact OIT Support Center to see if there are additional settings on your device that might be impacting this.

I took this training before.  Do I need to take it again?

All faculty and staff will be required to take security awareness training on an annual basis. Each year new, updated, or additional training campaigns will be released. 

How do I download my certificate of completion?

You will receive an email when you complete your training; but you may also download your training certificate if you would like for your records. Proceed to the end of the training course to the "Congratulations!" slide. Click Exit to complete the training. You then will have the option to download your training certificate.

I completed my assigned training. Why am I still getting reminder emails?

You must click Exit on the "Congratulations!" screen for training to be marked as complete. To finalize your training, log back into the training and click Resume. Proceed to the end of the training course to the "Congratulations!" slide. Click Exit to complete the training. If you continue to encounter issues with this, please contact ISTraining@unr.edu so we may investigate. 

I'm no longer an employee, but I'm still getting notifications to take the training. Why?

If you're getting notifications about training, this means that your UNR Exchange email account still is active under an employee or Emeritus profile. All faculty, staff, and Emeriti with an active account are required to take training since they still have access to our system and network. If you are not Emeritus after you have left employment, please contact OIT Support Center to help determine why the email account still is active.

*Accessible PDFs of the course content are available upon request by contacting the OIT Support Center.


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