Accessing WolfCloud

After having completed a WolfCloud Access Request, connect from on-campus, through VPN, or through UNR Remote Services at:

Requesting New VMs

  1. First, complete a New Virtual Machine Request  

  2. Once approved, click Request on the appropriate type of VM from the Catalog.
    WolfCloud Catalog showing two catalog items with the Request button at the bottom of each item highlighted by a red circle.

  3. Enter the details of your request exactly as it was approved in TeamDynamix.

    • OS: Select the OS you wish to deploy from the dropdown list
    • Hostname: Enter the hostname as approved in your virtual machine request, all upper case,
    • Deployment: The Deployment Name will be filled in automatically
    • Description: Enter a very brief description of the machine
    • Admin Username: Select a username for your (local) administrative account
    • Admin Password: Enter and confirm the password you wish to use.  Remember this!
    • vCPUs: Select the approved number of vCPUs 
    • RAM: select the approved amount of RAM for your VM
    • Network:Select the appropriate network (DMZ or Internal)
      New Request Page with the Submit button highlighted by a red circle
  4. Click Submit to request for final approval which begins the deployment of your new VM.

Managing Your VMs

Once your VM has completed deployment, you should have SSH or Remote Desktop access to it.

For console access, snapshots, powering on VM, etc, connect to Deployments  

Useful information for your Deployment:

  1. Deployment Name (a ‘deployment’ consists of a VM and associated resources such as networks, additional disks, etc)
  2. VM's Name
  3. VM's IP Address
  4. Kebab menu for VM management
    Deployments screen with red numbers mirroring the information outlined below


What if I need a Static IP?

Please add in the Additional Notes that you are requesting a static IP and why.

What if I need Firewall rules for my server?

Make sure you have requested a static IP and fill out a Firewall Policy Request.


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