Installing Microsoft Office on University-Owned and Personal Computers

The following instructions are for employees only. Students must refer to the student instructions for installation.

Faculty and staff of the University are given a Microsoft account when their employee email is created. You can access Office apps online using the Office 365 Portal at and from software installed on your machine. Follow the steps below to install Microsoft Office on a University-owned or personal computer.

The license given to faculty and staff is active as long as you are employed/affiliated with the University. 

Install Microsoft Office on a University-Owned Computer

Office can be installed on a University-owned PC using the Software Center and on a Mac using JAMF.

PC - Software Center Install Instructions

Mac - JAMF Install Instructions

Install Microsoft Office on Personal Devices

Office 365 comes with employee and student home use benefits. Using the Office 365 portal employees and students can download Office applications on up to 5 personally owned devices for free. Please do not install Office for home on University owned equipment. 

  1. On your personal device, go to and login with your email address and password.
  2. Click on "Install Office". 

    Screenshot of with the "Install Office" button at the top-right highlighted
  3. In the drop down menu that appears, select Office 365 apps.

    Screenshot of the dropdown menu under "Install Apps" showing the "Office 354 apps" option highlighted
  4. Follow the instructions that appear. Once the programs are finished installing, you will need to authenticate your license by logging in with your University email address and password. 

    Screenshot of the Office installation instructions.


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