Subscriber List Actions

Basic List Actions

Sending to a list:

To send to a list simply send an email to the list name and the message will be handled according to the list configuration (see message acceptance settings for types of list configurations). Mailman has the additional option of posting to a list using the Web interface.

Note: The size constraint for files being sent to a list is 9MB.

Mailman is Subscriber-centric

Important Note: As an owner or a moderator you must also be a subscriber to the list. If you remove yourself from the subscribers list you will no longer be able to manage your list. If you prefer not to receive emails that are sent to a list you manage you can change your list based preferences:

After logging in to click Mailman Settings

  • Click List-based preferences.
  • In the Delivery Status column for the list you do not want to receive emails from choose Disabled
  • Click the Save button.

List-based preferences page showing delivery status options.


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